Trip to Poland


Today I will tell you how our trip to Poland for Christmas in 2023 was!

We drove for about 26 hours (I also count breaks). First, we drove for about 2.5 hours to Ystad to catch the ferry to Świnoujście. We had booked a cabin with 4 beds. I usually sleep on the upper bed because I can fall out of bed 🙂 I asked in the reception for a special barrier. Before going to sleep, I went outside with my dad because I really like looking at the water and those colorful ships.

When I woke up, we were already in Poland. I took my dad out to the outside deck again because I wanted to see if there were orcas. In one of Nela’s books, a little reporter, I read that they can be found in the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately I didn’t see them. By the way, I remember that when I was little, I was very afraid to stand by the railing on the ferry, afraid that I would fall into the sea 🙂

We went with the whole family. Dad was driving the car, because mom is not a master of driving with a trailer, especially when she has to drive backwards.

First we went to Warsaw to take grandma Lena. We also had to pack the things that she had prepared into the car – and that was a challenge. Our car was already packed to the roof anyway. We arrived in Czartajew very late on Christmas Eve, so we actually started celebrating the next day.

This time we stayed in Siemiatycze with uncle Marcin and aunt Marta.


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