At the end of November 2023, I was at the shooting for the first time. My mom found out about the possibility of test shooting in Ösjös skyttesföredning. So we went there with the whole family.

At first I thought it was just boring, but when I got there I really liked it. The instructors are experienced people who are very helpful.

It’s not that easy to take a 4-kilogram air rifle in your hands, set it up and sit comfortably in a not-so-pleasant position. It is worth wearing protective headphones to mute the noise of the shots.

There are bullets on the table that right-handed people put into the rifle with their left hand. I filled them with my right hand anyway 🙂

We shoot at the targets hanging on the wall. Usually 20 shots are fired after a 20-shot test series. The test series is to calibrate the sight.

When you put the gun away, you need to put an orange cap in place of the cartridge. This means that the weapon is secured, i.e. there is no bullet in it. The orange color is visible from a distance against the black background of the weapon.

Everyone must put down their weapons and secure them for the duration of the technical break, e.g. replacing the shield.

This sport promotes concentration and calmness. The earmuffs do their job, but you also need time to concentrate and calm your mind.

I didn’t think shooting could be soothing – 🙂



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