Trip to Poland


Today I will tell you how our trip to Poland for Christmas in 2023 was!

We drove for about 26 hours (I also count breaks). First, we drove for about 2.5 hours to Ystad to catch the ferry to Świnoujście. We had booked a cabin with 4 beds. I usually sleep on the upper bed because I can fall out of bed 🙂 I asked in the reception for a special barrier. Before going to sleep, I went outside with my dad because I really like looking at the water and those colorful ships.

When I woke up, we were already in Poland. I took my dad out to the outside deck again because I wanted to see if there were orcas. In one of Nela’s books, a little reporter, I read that they can be found in the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately I didn’t see them. By the way, I remember that when I was little, I was very afraid to stand by the railing on the ferry, afraid that I would fall into the sea 🙂

We went with the whole family. Dad was driving the car, because mom is not a master of driving with a trailer, especially when she has to drive backwards.

First we went to Warsaw to take grandma Lena. We also had to pack the things that she had prepared into the car – and that was a challenge. Our car was already packed to the roof anyway. We arrived in Czartajew very late on Christmas Eve, so we actually started celebrating the next day.

This time we stayed in Siemiatycze with uncle Marcin and aunt Marta.




At the end of November 2023, I was at the shooting for the first time. My mom found out about the possibility of test shooting in Ösjös skyttesföredning. So we went there with the whole family.

At first I thought it was just boring, but when I got there I really liked it. The instructors are experienced people who are very helpful.

It’s not that easy to take a 4-kilogram air rifle in your hands, set it up and sit comfortably in a not-so-pleasant position. It is worth wearing protective headphones to mute the noise of the shots.

There are bullets on the table that right-handed people put into the rifle with their left hand. I filled them with my right hand anyway 🙂

We shoot at the targets hanging on the wall. Usually 20 shots are fired after a 20-shot test series. The test series is to calibrate the sight.

When you put the gun away, you need to put an orange cap in place of the cartridge. This means that the weapon is secured, i.e. there is no bullet in it. The orange color is visible from a distance against the black background of the weapon.

Everyone must put down their weapons and secure them for the duration of the technical break, e.g. replacing the shield.

This sport promotes concentration and calmness. The earmuffs do their job, but you also need time to concentrate and calm your mind.

I didn’t think shooting could be soothing – 🙂



Christmas tree


It’s hard to imagine Christmas without a colorful Christmas tree at home.

It’s nice to look at the warm lights, especially in the evening when you can sit in a comfortable armchair, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and drink warm tea.

Christmas decorations are different and they are everywhere. Maja even hung lamps on her bed, and we hung a star in the window. We also have a candlestick.

Our Christmas tree stands in the living room. It’s standing in the corner because mom said that if it stands by the door, you’ll just have to avoid it. I wanted the Christmas tree to stand by the door.

Dad said that in the past, the Christmas tree was decorated only on Christmas Eve. This means we would have to wait a few more days for it.

It’s good that we convinced dad before his journey to Poland to bring a Christmas tree and we had time to decorate it. I started decorating the Christmas tree when dad went on his long journey.

I like Christmas. This year we will celebrate it in Poland. I’m looking forward to meeting the whole family.

Did you know that the custom of decorating Christmas trees comes from Germany?

Bye bye


Apple picking near Åstorp


I’m HAPPY that you still visit my blog. Today I will tell you about the harvest near Åstorp.

You may be wondering what I’ve been collecting. Yes, those are apples.

It started when my mum saw an ad on Facebook about fruit picking in Norra Vram. We went there. Or yes, we tried. We went wrong twice because our GPS didn’t work. The first time, my mum turned left too early. The second time, my mum also turned left, but a bit too far :-). We should have turned right.
When we reached our destination, there were already a lot of people there.

We found out that we could collect apples Aroma and Discovery. We chose Discovery (it’s nice to discover a new English word – Discovery 🙂

As we were being taken to the orchard, we started picking. Filling the box takes only 5 minutes.

We came back to pay. It turned out that we loaded 15 kg apples. The owner of the orchard was very nice, as well as her dog. I petted it and the dog liked it and it was very happy.

Apples Discover have a secret: sometimes they can be red inside.

One thing is very delicious. We ate them for 4 days. We love apples and we also drink a lot of freshly squeezed juices.

Goodbye everyone 😉



Today I will once again spend the night at my best friend’s (BFF). I can’t write my name and surname because I’m not allowed.
My friend is very nice. We go to the same class together and spend a lot of time together – also outside of school.
I have another BFF friend. I won’t reveal her name or surname either, but both of their names start with E – although they are not the same.

I’ve stayed at my first BFF’s many times, but at my second BFF’s only 5 times.
For the first time I stayed with a friend in Ängelholm. It was last year at graduation.
You probably know that when you spend time with friends, it flies by very quickly. This happens every time I’m with my E 🙂
Then we come up with various things – games, movies, a lot of fun outside, we glue our nails, and we go to bed very late at night.
But silence about it, because this is not information for my parents 😉

 SUP-stand up paddle


Today I will tell you about sup, which means stand up paddle. This year I tried to sup for the first time in my life. And it was so cool.

First I just sat on the board while my mum rowed but then I stood up and paddled on my own. 

SUP is a quite huge board. You stay on this and row with the paddle.

This sport was born in Hawaii and I learned it when I was in Masuria. It was great.