Today I will once again spend the night at my best friend’s (BFF). I can’t write my name and surname because I’m not allowed.
My friend is very nice. We go to the same class together and spend a lot of time together – also outside of school.
I have another BFF friend. I won’t reveal her name or surname either, but both of their names start with E – although they are not the same.

I’ve stayed at my first BFF’s many times, but at my second BFF’s only 5 times.
For the first time I stayed with a friend in Ängelholm. It was last year at graduation.
You probably know that when you spend time with friends, it flies by very quickly. This happens every time I’m with my E 🙂
Then we come up with various things – games, movies, a lot of fun outside, we glue our nails, and we go to bed very late at night.
But silence about it, because this is not information for my parents 😉

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